Chefs Knives

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Chef Knives or butchers knives are all-rounder knives for professionals and hobby chefs suitable for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, slicing and dicing fish and meat. It can be used in the circular, rocking and chopping motion.

In cooking, a chef’s knife, also known as a cook’s knife or Kitchen Knife, is a cutting tool used in food preparation. The chef’s knife was originally designed primarily to slice and disjoint large cuts of beef. Today it is the primary general-utility knife for most cooks.

A chef’s knife generally has a blade eight inches (20 centimeters) in length and 1 12 inches (3.8 cm) in width, although individual models range from 6 to 14 inches (15 to 36 centimeters) in length. There are two common types of blade shape in chef’s knives,


Custom hand made Damascus steel chef knives made of Damascus and d2 steel.


Handle of these knives made with camel wood, burl wood with brass guard. The handle can also be made of Dollar Wood with steel guard.


These chef knives have sharp edges and still a long time. Comfortable handle grip and Comes with a leather bag.

Custom Chefs knives can be made according to customer requirements.

Manufacturing quality kitchen knives, especially hundreds at a time, is no simple task. It takes high-grade steel, skilled tradesmen, rigorous quality-control systems, and, ideally, your own heat-treating facilities (a very expensive proposition).